Timbis Air services


Safety Policy

A paramount element of Timbis Air approach is to recognize the unequivocal responsibility of the company and all its staff and to the passengers, is reliability and safety of the operation in general. We have created a structure, systems and processes designed to minimize all elements of this risk. As result Timbis Air has implemented the following:

Our core values

  • Fleet selection of safe and reliable aircraft
  • Dedicated full time Quality and Safety personnel
  • Stable, experienced and motivated team
  • Full in-house spares support for the fleet
  • A continuous improvement and up to date training
  • Maintenance tracking data
  • Satellite tracking on all aircraft
  • Financial stability with continuing reinvestment in the operation

Timbis Air philosophy is to build a strong relationship for the future with solid support, reliable operation with high standards, good discipline are the cornerstones of a successful organization.

International Standards

Our focus is on reliability, safety and quality using constantly evolving internationally recognized standards. These standards exceed those laid down by regulatory authorities and have been compiled by a combination of inputs from oil, gas & petroleum exploration companies, humanitarian aid agencies, FAR Regulations, EASA requirements, ICAO recommendations and aircraft operators themselves.

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